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Looking for a Spiritual Healer in Toronto?

I work with people to get them back onto their path or help strengthen their resolve to stay on their path.


I see my purpose as being one of serving mankind. In my understanding, the idea is for us all to live in a world of love and peace, both in the physical world as well as the etherial. That time is far off, but attainable. The work I do of helping people is a step in that direction.

About Doug

What Is Spiritual Healing? What We Do

Kind, compassionate guidance to help you make sense of your life or some aspect of your life.


What to Expect from Spiritual Healing

No two spiritual healing sessions are ever the same. The sessions are specific to each person. If there is a common thread, it is that after sessions Clients experience a sense of well being, a sense of peace, and are very relaxed.

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