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Client Experiences

  • All started with a visit with a liver specialist... He told me about my liver problems and told me about a few things I could do to improve things...i made changes with my every day life styles.. But also wanted to get a session with a spritual healer. I had a hard time trying to concentrate during the session but finally relaxed .. After 3 sessions and then back to my doctor I was told my liver was back to normal condition. One great day in my life.

    Lynn Jacobson
  • My life is busy and stressful at times, which is my own fault. My health issues were affecting me emotionally, spiritually, and physically to a point of exhaustion. I am not one who likes going to doctors and taking prescriptions. I came in contact with Doug in 2010. A meeting was set up for any questions I had so that he would be able to help me more effectively. He accommodated me by scheduling the session to fit my time restraints. He listened attentively, was non-judgemental, and offered suggestions when asked. His sessions have taught me to be more relaxed under stressful situations and I have experienced  healing on all levels of myself. Emotionally, I felt unstable. The sessions have taught me more about myself. I feel more able to forgive, trust, love, and am more willing to help others on a daily basis. This is an ongoing journey, and I feel I am happier and a better person all around. The way I looked at having a session, was that I had nothing to lose. I have been pleased with the results.

  • I was diagnosed with cancer late in the year 2006. It was melanoma, a type of skin cancer that is aggressive and often deadly. The initial diagnosis was determined from a rather large mole on my back that was excised and found to be rife with cancer. The dermatologist was fairly convinced of my immediate demise. I was scheduled for surgery to remove more tissue and lymph nodes in February of the following year. My outlook was shabby and grim. It was in the time between my initial diagnosis and the surgery that I received treatment from Doug. The treatment felt like a sewing machine, perhaps. Like many electric pulses... needles tracing lines across my back. I don't have any logical explanation for what I felt. I went under the knife as scheduled and waited for the results of the oncology report. All of the results came back negative. I can't say for sure that Doug's treatment removed the cancer, as I have no proof that it had spread further than the mole in the first place. But based on the reaction of the dermatologist and the surgeon, I can't help but think that it at the very least contributed to the cancer's retreat.

  • After giving birth to my second child 8 years ago, I started experiencing digestive issues. I submitted myself to all kinds of tests at the hospital back then but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong, and just told me to watch my diet. In the past two years, I had very little appetite and couldn't hold on to the little food I ate even if it was very plain and healthy so I lost a lot of weight. Lately, it had gotten worst and I started waking up with debilitating cramps in my stomach. I asked Doug if he could focus his healing session on my digestive issues. I felt an instant relief and improvement right after the session, and a week later I was fully recovered. Now, I feel like I am back to normal. I can enjoy eating again, even have a glass of wine, without getting cramps or experiencing any other digestive issues. I can't say how grateful I am for that. Thank you!

  • I had three spiritual healings with Doug. Each session was different, all three were tremendously relaxing. The tension in my shoulders usually resembles a couple of boulders each session melted any trace of tension. My shoulders never felt so relaxed, so soft. It was amazing. The second session I had was so powerful I literally couldn't get off the table for a bit. Doug graciously let me stay for as long as I needed to integrate the energy before leaving the office. It was the most amazing energy work I have had. Initially, I asked to be treated for osteoporosis. When I returned to the US the results of the dexa scan showed me improved. I am out of the osteoporosis category and into the osteopenia category. Although I cannot attribute this progress entirely to the energy work I am sure it contributed. As did renewed ability to do weight bearing exercise again and changed by supplementation. I would say if you are drawn to this work go for it, it's amazing.

  • My experience with Doug was the most subtle experience I had ever had with any form of healer, spiritual or otherwise, and it was by far the most powerful. I went to see him because he crossed my path in an interesting way, as I'm sure he did yours. I had just emptied my bank account, I had been feeling throbbing pain in my heart center for a number of weeks, I was disillusioned with my coaching practice, and I didn't know what I was going to do next.

    During the session I didn't feel anything, see anything, hear anything, or feel anything change. When the session was over, I was sad. I didn't know what I was expecting, perhaps a more psychedelic experience. I thought "the magic" didn't work on me. Doug didn't give me any special instructions or answers, there was no big a-ha moment, the only thing I noticed was that I did feel loved, and not alone. It was very subtle. My heart hurt a little less. Doug told me to "give it a minute."

    Over the next ten days, things started to change. My heart stopped hurting, I had a breakthrough in my business and the money started to come in, I found a lot of joy in a new business idea, and it's thriving (today marks twelve days since our session). I don't know what happened in our session, but my whole life, I had always felt alone. I didn't really feel loved. That was all I got from our session, and it's the biggest and most profound gift I have ever received in my life.

    Ever grateful.