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If I could make a small suggestion, it would be for people to have no expectations, to leave themselves open to let the work happen.

No session is ever the same. The sessions are specific to each person.

I have had people tell me they have experienced temperature changes, heat and coolness, tingling feelings, a feeling of weightlessness, sometimes a feeling of heaviness, feelings of body moving even though they are on their back, sharp pains for a short time which then disappear, feelings of some kind of manipulation, and have seen emotional releases (crying).

If there is a common thread, I would say that at the end of the session, it is a sense of well being, peace and of being very relaxed.

I believe that the reason people see spiritual healers is that they are trying to make sense of their lives, or of some aspect of their lives. In my understanding, at the heart and soul of each one of us, we are built of the five elements, love truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude. Depending on how we have lived our lives, the people I work with can assist us back onto our path or help strengthen our resolve to stay on our path.

I use a massage table for a session. You will lie comfortably, face up on the table. I will say a prayer that connects me to the people in spirit who work through me. After they come, I will ask you what you would like to address during the session. My hands are then placed on your abdomen, above your navel. This is the meridian in our bodies that corresponds to the element of love.

In my understanding, there is a piece of spirit at the core of every single cell in our bodies. Those are all brought together to your physical core, which is where spirit does their work. My job during the session is to get out of the way and let spirit do their work, as I am only an instrument or conduit. I will touch you on the arm to let you know when the session is through and you may want a few minutes before you get up. Take as much time as feels right for you. Afterwards, we can talk about your experience, if you choose, and I will share anything that may have come through my intuition.

“All started with a visit with a liver specialist doctor… He told me about my liver problems and told me about a few things I could do to improve things…i made changes with my every day life styles.. But also wanted to get a session with a spritualhealer.I had a hard time trying to concentrate during the session but finally relaxed .. After 3 sessions and then back to my doctor I was told my liver was back to normal condition. One great day in my life…”

Lynn Jacobson